The Harrison Thomas Group provides total building commissioning services with decades of experience in California and around the world. HTG has commissioned buildings in every climate imaginable while ensuring the most stringent energy compliance goals are achieved.

From simple tailored commission processes to total building commissioning, the Harrison Thomas Group is the way to go.

Total Building Commissioning Services

The HTG team of engineers and commissioning professionals has decades of combined experience testing, designing and installing major building systems including mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.

Additionally, our team has experience with fire alarm, nurse call, medical gas, other specialty systems, along with California’s Title 24 Commissioning Requirements, LEED Commissioning Guidelines, and IECC Commissioning Regulations.

With a wide array of building system expertise, HTG has a wide range of experience in various building sectors including office, university, K-12 (including DSA experience), healthcare, hospital (including OSPD experience), data centers and high-rise residential/mixed-use developments.  We provide a tailored process to each client to ensure their goals are met through the commissioning process.

Retro-Commissioning Services (Re-Commissioning)

We understand that buildings are a living entity that at times can need a tune-up. These projects can benefit from retro-commissioning the existing systems. We can tailor a forensic retro-commissioning process to address specific needs and complaints such as energy efficiency, occupant comfort and operational reliability. Our focus is to ensure the systems are performing to the current needs of the building/client. These investigations can be quite lengthy; however, we have the expertise and knowledge to quickly get to the problem and resolve it in a cost-effective manner.

On-Going Commissioning / Monitoring Based Commissioning Services

New Building Commissioning is usually only a momentary time in the life of a building; therefore, buildings can benefit from an on-going “check-up” from the commissioning team. This can ensure that issues can be caught in a timely manner and not cost the Owner a ton of money. This can also assist with any changes in use needed by the Owner and its occupants.

Facility Auditing Services

Like the Retro-Commissioning process, the facility auditing process is an important due diligence tool to provide feedback to the building Owner for prioritizing their building system upgrade budgets. As with most infrastructure, budgetary concerns are always an issue; we provide the very best expert advice to prioritize your upgrades.

Construction Management Services

In the normal commissioning process, the Commissioning agent is a maestro between all the sub-trades to ensure the installed systems operate as intended. Therefore, a thorough background in each trade is necessary. At HTG, we have several year’s experience providing MEP coordination services for several developers and contractors in California. Our expertise ensured a timely delivery of the building to the customer with minimal issues. With our extensive technical background, we are not merely a paper pusher to each contractor. We can thoroughly vet and direct the construction to the appropriate party to minimize delays and anticipate a problem before it becomes a problem.

Looking for additional green-related services? Reach out to our partner Zinner Consultants.